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Galaxy Gift (thanks Romwe!)

Much like the velvet trend, I was a bit suspicious about galaxy clothing – starting with leggings, and on to tops, skirts and dresses. I think I first saw it on black milk’s site, and then a bigger collection on Romwe. It seemed interesting for sure, but I guess it didn’t appeal to me that much.

About two months ago, towards Christmas, I got an e-mail from Romwe saying they were planning a big promotion for Christmas and that they are offering their loyal customers to post this promotion on their facebook wall, and whoever will get more than a set amount of likes, will win 30$ in freebies and a pair of leggings. Well, it turns out my friends are pretty cheap when it comes to likes, so I didn’t get as much as I wanted… :/ but I got just enough to win a free pair of leggings!
I got them about a week ago, and yes, I have to say I really love them. They’re very colorful and not like any other garment I ever had. I decided to let them stand out on their own (as they naturally do), so I paired them with a simple white blouse and a black jacket.

galaxy leggings, white blouse and black jacket

Bullchic- galaxy leggings and black jacket

galaxy leggings and black jacket1

What am I wearing?

Galaxy leggings from Romwe

White blouse with pockets from Zara

Black Jacket from eBay

Have a great week and thank for reading!


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  1. I love the galaxy trend! (although I do feel like a bit of a sheep – I just really like the look) Great post, wish I could win a pair too! I see you got your jacket from ebay. Do you find it to be a reliable place to buy things from??

    • Thank you :)
      I actually love buying on ebay, you just have to find a seller that has a lot of good reviews. I ordered several times from different sellers and it was a positive experience.

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