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Challenging high heels

Today I’m going to take on a serious challenge, one that might earn me a lot of criticism, but nevertheless I feel the need to speak my mind. Many if not all fashionistas swear by them, and I might very well be deemed as lacking any sense of style for going against them. Yes ladies, I’m talking about high heels.

I’m going to get one thing off the table right now – Yes, they look good, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t look good in high heels. That is one thing I’m not going to argue with. I will, however, try to challenge the idea that you have to wear them in order to be fashionable/be stylish/look good. This is not a manifesto against women who like to wear high heels. If you like it, enjoy it and it makes you feel good – go ahead. This goes out simply to say that you don’t have to, if you don’t want to.

Now that we’re all clear, there’s a little confession to be made. The idea of writing this post came to me after reading a post on the well-known blog, Man Repeller, which talks about how good it is that single-sole pumps are making a comeback. I was just reading it and thinking “Really? You’d endure all of that just to make your legs look a little better?”. So yeah, as I said, I’ll probably get stoned to death for arguing that you shouldn’t sacrifice all in order to look the best you can, but as a matter of fact, I don’t think you should.

Inspired by Men Repeller’s list, I’ve made a list of my own of why high heels are evil. Just kidding, but seriously, read the list:

Gruesome feet. If you walk in high heels often enough, usually your feet will look pretty miserable. you get hard skin on the balls of your feet and blisters on your toes. If you wear them long enough, you might even develop bunions. Yuck! Yes, you can take good care of your feet with pedicures and all sorts of other creams and lotions, but really, you can just pamper them with a nice pair of flats.

Wearing an acid-wash denim top and Betsey Johnson flats

Happy in my flats :)

Oh, the pain! In two words – it hurts! It hurts your feet, it can cause pain in your ankles, your knees and your back. And no, I’m not a big fan of of having to suffer in order to be beautiful. Is it really worth it? (No, it isn’t.) I have to admit I’m not totally unbiased here. As much as I love styling and fashion, I’ve always has a tendency towards things that are more natural, which is also one of the reasons I don’t wear make up or use a hair straightener.

The hunchback of Notre Dam. This one is mostly relevant for those who can’t walk in high heels (myself included), and therefore stumble around in them, causing the “hunchback of Notre dam” phenomenon. Women who can’t walk in high heels look clumsy at best and ridiculous at worst. But really, I know it’s a total cliche, but I do believe you look your best when you’re comfortable in what you wear. I’m not going to exaggerate and encourage you to leave home in your pajamas, but I do think that being confident is sexy, and it’s hard to feel confident when you feel the ground moving under your feet, literally.

Free falling. This kinda relates to the previous point, and what I’m talking about is taking a dive from your own personal sky scrapers. Falling down is never fun, but doing it on high heels is even more painful and more embarrassing. It’s actually very surprising that I never fell on my butt while wearing high heels, but trying to avoid this embarrassment results in the former (i.e. the hunchback…).

A healthy mind in a healthy body. High heels are actually bad for your health.Wearing them on a regular basis can cause a number of problems ranging from foot deformities (more serious stuff than just blisters) to shortening of the Achilles tendon and back pain. Yikes.

What’s the alternative? With so many great flats out there just waiting to be worn, you really don’t have to choose between having a great sense of style to being comfortable. Be it oxfords, creepers,sandals, or ballerina shoes there are so many different styles and the options are almost endless. If you want to feel a little more dressed-up, there are also some great low-heels that can give you the same  effect without having to torture your feet.

So are you convinced or are you forever faithful to your high heels?


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