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Can a tiger change its (black and white) stripes?

Black and white motel rocks dress

About two months ago, I read a short column in a magazine about the black and white stripes trend. Apparently, it started out in a Marc Jacob’s fashion show and then spread like wildfire until you couldn’t turn your head without seeing girls clad in stripy outfits of the monochrome type. The writer of this article claimed that any true fashionista would be wise to stay away from this trend, as it was so enthusiastically embraced that it would be considered as bad taste to wear it now. At first, reading this really annoyed me. It sounded so stupid to me that just because something has become prevalent, it lost all its appeal. But then it also made perfect sense. Don’t we always want the hardest thing to get? Don’t we always aspire to be unique in our own way?

I think there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the black and white stripes trend has pretty much worn itself out before spring had even started. That being said, I think the combination of black and white is still a classic one that will never go out of style. There are certain adaptations of this trend that I really can’t stand to see anymore (e.g. vertical striped leggings). On the other hand, some black and white items really rock. They rocked before Marc Jacobs decided to stripe up his models and they’ll keep rocking after. Besides, as I’ve said before, if I really like something, I won’t refrain from wearing it just because everyone else is.

This Motel dress is a great interpretation of the black and white trend, in my opinion. Its waterfall pattern is a little more interesting than any old stripes, as well as its somewhat tent-like silhouette that reminds me of mod dresses – another hot trend for spring, and one that I’m not fed up with for a change. I wore it once as a dress, but since the weather has gone completely crazy and regressed back to winter over the past week, I decided to wear it as a top, with everything else in black. I definitely like it better as a dress, but it’s nice to diversify a little and wear garments not necessarily in the way they were meant to be worn.

Motel dress and faux leather jacket

Black and white Motel dress closeup

black and white Motel Rocks dress

Black white Motel dress closeup

Outfit details
Hannah shift dress (here) – Motel
Black studded pants – Mango
Faux leather jacket – local store
Ankle Boots – Jeffrey Campbell

Are you totally fed up with black and white or just can’t get enough?


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  1. Very nice ! <3
    Great combo

  2. that top looks good with the jacket!



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