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Holy Leggings

Cathedral print romwe leggings and H&M sweater

Leggings. What a strange item of clothing, really. My first memory of leggings is that of a small child, somewhere in the early 90s (god I feel old) , when they still enjoyed some fameĀ (no pun intended) left over from the 80s , wearing a pair of red footed ones…The horror…No wonder I wasn’t very fond of them back then.

Anyways, according to Wikipedia, leggings actually started out as an under-garment worn in order to keep warm in cold countries. That’s pretty ironic, considering one of my favorite things about leggings is that often, wearing them actually feels like wearing nothing at all. No, I don’t have any nudist aspirations, I do however like to be comfortable, which is might be considered a fashion faux-pas within itself. They first debuted as a stand alone item somewhere in the 60s. I don’t know if that’s actually true, but I know that in the last 4-5 years, or at least it seems so to me, leggings have made a huge comeback. They seem to be everywhere, and my closet is no exception (I’m not really one to care if everyone’s wearing them, at least to a certain limit). I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with printed leggings. Some designs are just brilliant, while others walk the fine line of being juvenile or just plain ugly.

The first time I came across some crazy-design leggings was on lookbook, and it was none other than one of Black Milk’s designs. They do have some gorgeous designs, but unfortunately, 80$ for a pair of leggings no matter how beautiful, is just too much for me to spend. Luckily, about a year ago, Romwe also released their own line of leggings, which you can say carry a suspicious resemblance to Black Milk’s designs but priced much more reasonably. Some are really cool, some less attractive. The first pair I got was actually as a gift, and it was a pair of galaxy leggings. That only opened my appetite for a second pair, which I’ve been coveting for a while, and here they are before you – cathedral print leggings, or as the BF likes to call them – holy leggings! I find that pretty hilarious.

A close up photo of cathedral printed leggings

Apologies for the crotch shot.

I first wore them with an acid-wash denim shirt, but unfortunately didn’t take any pictures. So you’re gonna have to make do with a more boring version, just paired them with some basic items – cream colored sweater, lace-up black ankle boots and my good ol’ gold and suede necklace. Since it’s a statement item within itself, I think it’s still an interesting outfit without being too flamboyant.

Cathedral print leggings and h&m cream sweater

Cathedral printed leggings and H&M sweater

Romwe printed leggings and H&M cream sweater - upper-body photo

Outfit details:
Printed leggings – Romwe (here)
Cream colored sweater – H&M
Ankle boots – Republic footwear
Gold and suede necklace – local designer

How do you like your leggings? Do you like them at all? Talk to me.

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