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Hot as a teapot

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I'm wearing a short teapot print dress and a purple satchel

I'm wearing a mini teapot printed dress

Teapot print dress

Teapot print dress and purple satchel

teapot dress and purple satchel1

While the weatherman claims with confidence the first official day of summer will only come on Friday, the heat that washes over me every time I leave an air-conditioned space begs to differ. And as we know, when the temperatures rise, the layers come off. Dresses are definitely a summer must have (as much as I hate the expression “must-have”), even more so in the humid Israeli summer. Admittedly, this teapot dress isn’t a classic summer dress – with a dark color, the fabric isn’t very light-weight and it even has a collar – I can definitely see myself wearing it with some opaque tights and a pair of ankle boots. Nevertheless, it translates well into wearing in warm weather, it has a delicate fabric and the collar is wide enough so it allows the skin to breathe.

Regarding the design, this is one of my favorite dresses at the moment and I can’t stop wearing it. It reminds me of Alice in wonderland, because of its vintage-y look as well as the teapot print, which is somewhat absurd, not unlike the strange and wonderful story of Alice. Other than its print, I also love the over-sized collar and the flattering A-shape of the dress. Since this dress is somewhat of a statement item, I didn’t add any other accessories, just paired it with my lovely Myka flats (I know, I know, you’re tired of seeing them already) and the purple satchel to complete the goody-two-shoes look.

Teapot dress from Sheinside, shoes from Myka, Satchel from Liligrace

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בזמן שדני רופ ושות’ טוענים בבטחה שהיום הרשמי הראשון של הקיץ יהיה רק ביום שישי, גלי החום שמקדמים את פניי בכל פעם שאני נמצאת במקום לא ממוזג חולקים על דבריו. וכידוע, כשהטמפרטורות עולות, השכבות יורדות. אין ספק ששמלות הן פריט חובה לקיץ (אם כי אני לא מחבבת את המונח “פריט חובה”), ובמיוחד לקיץ הישראלי הלח והחם. אמנם, שמלת הקומקומים הנ”ל איננה שמלת קיץ קלאסית – היא בעלת צבע כהה, לא עשויה בד מתנפנף וקליל ואפילו יש לה צווארון – ואני לגמרי יכולה לראות את עצמי לובשת אותה עם גרבונים אטומים וזוג מגפונים חמודים. למרות כל זאת, היא מיתרגמת היטב גם ללבישה בקיץ, הבד שלה נעים ולא מעיק והצווארון העגול מאפשר מספיק מרחב בשביל שהעור ינשום.

בנוגע לעיצוב, מדובר באחת השמלות האהובות עליי כרגע ואני לובשת אותה לעייפה. היא מזכירה לי את אליס בארץ הפלאות, גם בגלל המראה הוינטג’י שלה וגם בגלל הדפס הקומקומים שיש בו משהו אבסורדי, כמו בסיפור המוזר והנפלא של אליס. מלבד ההדפס ההומוריסטי, אני מאוד אוהבת גם את הצווארון הגדול (בכלל, בחורף האחרון פיתחתי חיבה חתרה לצווארונים) ואת גזרת ה-A המחמיאה. כיוון שהשמלה מאוד בולטת בפני עצמה, לא הוספתי כמעט כלום מבחינת אקססוריז, רק את הנעליים העדינות מ-Myka (כן, אני יודעת שכבר נמאס לראות אותן פה) ואת התיק הסגול שהתאים למראה הילדה-טובה-ירושלים.

שמלה מ-Sheinside, נעליים מ-Myka, תיק מליליגרייס

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Double D (Denim Dress, of course)

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Denim dress denim shirt and MNG crossbody bag

Denim dress and Romwe denim shirt

Warehouse Denim Dress and Romwe Denim Shirt

Short Denim Dres with Blue&Gold Sandals

Short Denim Dress

Denim dresses are a perfect item for spring since they’re so easy to layer or you can just wear it as is. I have been craving one for a while, and ended up getting two…naughty. This particular dress is a great casual piece, but can also be dressed up with some statement jewelry, a blazer and fancier shoes. I love it’s skater shape, it’s a cut that compliments almost every body type and it gives an airy feeling which is so important on hot and humid days which are just around the corner.
I thought I was over the whole double denim look, but after trying on almost every shirt in my closet, I found this denim shirt was the perfect fit. Regardless, I just love layering denim shirts. It might be a side effect of my inexplicable love for the 80’s…Hmm.
The blue & gold sandals are a real find, I bought them on sale last summer and can’t stop wearing them every time the weather gets warmer. They have sort of an ancient-egyptian look, a very delicate design and their  beach-like colors compliment pale skin like mine. They’re also very comfortable!

I’m wearing:
Warehouse denim dress – ASOS
Faded detailing denim shirt – Romwe
Blue & gold sandals – Big Tom
Cross body bag – Mango

How do you like to wear your denim dress?

שמלת ג’ינס היא פריט מושלם לאביב  – כיף וקל להלביש עליה שכבות, אבל אפשר גם ללבוש אותה כמו שהיא, שזה מצוין למזג האוויר ההפכפך שלנו. השתוקקתי לשמלה כזו כבר זמן-מה ובסוף כמובן קניתי שתיים…חסרת תקנה. השמלה הספציפית הזו היא פריט קז’ואלי נהדר, אבל אפשר בהחלט גם ללבוש אותה במראה אלגנטי עם תכשיט מעניין, בלייזר ונעליים חגיגיות יותר. אני מאוד אוהבת את הגזרה שלה, צמודה במותניים וחצאית מעט מתרחבת, שמחמיאה כמעט לכל צורת גוף וגם נותנת תחושה מאווררת, דבר כה חשוב בימים לחים ודביקים שהקיץ מזמן לנו.
אמנם חשבתי שכבר נמאס לי ממראה הדאבל-דנים אבל אחרי שמדדתי בערך כל חולצה אפשרית מהארון, מצאתי שחולצת הג’ינס הקלילה הזו הכי התאימה למראה. בכלל, אני ממש אוהבת ללבוש חולצות ג’ינס כשכבה עליונה. ייתכן שזה נובע מאהבתי הבלתי מוסברת לשנות ה-80…
הסנדלים בכחול וזהב הם פשוט מציאה, קניתי אותם בסוף עונה בקיץ שעבר ואני פשוט נועלת אותם לעייפה בכל פעם שנהיה קצת יותר חמים. יש להם מראה שמזכיר לי את מצרים העתיקה (לא שהייתי שם), עיצוב מאוד עדין וצבעי הים שלהם מחמיאים לעור לבנבן כמו שלי. בנוסף לכל זה, הם גם מאוד נוחים!

אני לובשת:

שמלת ג’ינס של וורהאוס – ASOS
חולצת ג’ינס – Romwe
סנדלים בכחול וזהב – ביג טום
תיק – מנגו

איך אתן אוהבות ללבוש את שמלת הג’ינס שלכן?

Holy Leggings

Cathedral print romwe leggings and H&M sweater

Leggings. What a strange item of clothing, really. My first memory of leggings is that of a small child, somewhere in the early 90s (god I feel old) , when they still enjoyed some fame (no pun intended) left over from the 80s , wearing a pair of red footed ones…The horror…No wonder I wasn’t very fond of them back then.

Anyways, according to Wikipedia, leggings actually started out as an under-garment worn in order to keep warm in cold countries. That’s pretty ironic, considering one of my favorite things about leggings is that often, wearing them actually feels like wearing nothing at all. No, I don’t have any nudist aspirations, I do however like to be comfortable, which is might be considered a fashion faux-pas within itself. They first debuted as a stand alone item somewhere in the 60s. I don’t know if that’s actually true, but I know that in the last 4-5 years, or at least it seems so to me, leggings have made a huge comeback. They seem to be everywhere, and my closet is no exception (I’m not really one to care if everyone’s wearing them, at least to a certain limit). I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with printed leggings. Some designs are just brilliant, while others walk the fine line of being juvenile or just plain ugly.

The first time I came across some crazy-design leggings was on lookbook, and it was none other than one of Black Milk’s designs. They do have some gorgeous designs, but unfortunately, 80$ for a pair of leggings no matter how beautiful, is just too much for me to spend. Luckily, about a year ago, Romwe also released their own line of leggings, which you can say carry a suspicious resemblance to Black Milk’s designs but priced much more reasonably. Some are really cool, some less attractive. The first pair I got was actually as a gift, and it was a pair of galaxy leggings. That only opened my appetite for a second pair, which I’ve been coveting for a while, and here they are before you – cathedral print leggings, or as the BF likes to call them – holy leggings! I find that pretty hilarious.

A close up photo of cathedral printed leggings

Apologies for the crotch shot.

I first wore them with an acid-wash denim shirt, but unfortunately didn’t take any pictures. So you’re gonna have to make do with a more boring version, just paired them with some basic items – cream colored sweater, lace-up black ankle boots and my good ol’ gold and suede necklace. Since it’s a statement item within itself, I think it’s still an interesting outfit without being too flamboyant.

Cathedral print leggings and h&m cream sweater

Cathedral printed leggings and H&M sweater

Romwe printed leggings and H&M cream sweater - upper-body photo

Outfit details:
Printed leggings – Romwe (here)
Cream colored sweater – H&M
Ankle boots – Republic footwear
Gold and suede necklace – local designer

How do you like your leggings? Do you like them at all? Talk to me.

My spring fling with prints

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H&M graphic print pants and light blue button up blouse

H&M print pants and light blue blouse

H&M print pants and blue button-up blouse

H&M print pants and light-blue blouse

One of the most noticeable trends for S/S 13 is print pants. Be it animal, geometric or graphic prints, you can’t ignore them. I really fell in love with the more tailored looking version of print pants. I love the contrast between their pattern, which makes them look a bit like pajama pants (in a good way!) and their shape, which has a more elegant feel. Another thing I love about them is the fact that you can style them in so many different ways. You can glam it up with high heels and a chic blouse, or keep it more casual with a plain t-shirt and flats. If you want to go all out, you can also go for clashing prints, that is to wear a top with a different print but I would only recommend this if you’re confident in your sense of style since not everyone can pull off such a bold look.

H&M print pants button-up blouse and ballerina oxfords

I’ve chosen to combine between elegant and casual, and wear these lovely graphic print pants with a light-colored button up blouse and my beloved Betsey Johnson oxfords. I think a button-up blouse is also one of the essential items for spring, since you can layer it with a sweater or a jacket, or wear it with rolled up sleeves when the weather gets warmer.

Outfit details:

Graphic print pants  – H&M
Light blue button-up blouse – H&M
Gold necklace – local designer
Ballerina oxfords – Betsey Johnson for Steve Madden

What do you think of the print trend?  How would you wear it?

Sailor Stripes

Blue pleated skirt and sailor striped top2

Blue pleated skirt and sailor striped top

Sailor stripes top and purple satchel

Purple Satchel close-up

blue pleated skirt and sailor striped top1

sailor stripes top and gold necklace

I haven’t updated the blog in a week, which is outrageous I know, but for a good reason (which is actually bad) – I was sick. :(

But now I’m all better! Actually started feeling better last week, which is also when I took these pictures. It was a really hot day (the weather lately is just crazy) so it was the perfect excuse to put on a wavy skirt and a light-weight top.

The black & white trend is hitting hard right now, so I think blue & white is a good way to relate to this trend without overdoing it, plus it’s a great combination within itself. I really love sailor stripes, they always have that casual yet elegant look that compliments almost every outfit. The blue pleated skirt which I got on e-bay is also a winner, it’s super comfy and I love its shape and fit. To complete the look, I chose camel with gold accent flats, a gold necklace and a purple satchel from a local shop called Liligrace. This satchel always gets a lot of compliments, it’s a great accessory that can make any look a little more interesting.

Overall it created a sort of a preppy look, but I still think it’s pretty cute. :) What do you think?

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I’ve also just shared this look on IFB – check it out!

Feeling Feminine

H&M white top and Betsey Johnson ballerina oxfords

H&M white top and mango black pants

H&M white top and Romwe mint backpack

H&M white top, mint backpack and Betsey Johnson ballerina oxfords

Betsey Johnson ballerina oxfords close-up

The previous weekend, the BF and I had the entire day to ourselves which, believe it or not, doesn’t happen very often. He let me sleep in, and after I got up we went to have a late breakfast by the beach. For this casual, but nevertheless fun, occasion I chose an outfit that is comfortable and flattering, plus – I haven’t had a chance to wear that top yet so it was the perfect excuse. I don’t know why this outfit in particular made me feel so feminine, it could be the bright colors or the ballerina – esque oxfords (I think it already shows that I’m wearing them to death :) ), anyway I really loved it  and wanted to share it with you.

Outfit Details
Top – H&M
Pants – Mango
Ballerina oxfords by Betsey Johnson for Steve Madden
Romwe mint backpack
Armani Exchange sunglasses

Hope you had a lovely weekend and thanks for reading!

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Shine On

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Hi all and happy weekend! It’s always nice when the weekend comes along, especially if you know you don’t have anything that needs to be done, but to rest and relax.

Earlier this week, I got a beautiful jumper (ordered from ASOS) and I wanted to share it with you. It has metal fibers (Lurex) in it, so it has a sort of glitter to it, which is why I liked it in the first place. I’m not really into outfits or jewelry that are too glittery, but I do like metallic items, and if it’s in the right proportions I think it looks great. This jumper also has a great shape, it’s a relaxed fit but not oversize and the color is also beautiful – it’s called rose dust :) The name alone makes you want to wear it, right?

I wore it with a simple black dress underneath, a long necklace with a pendant, opaque tights and of course my currently favorite boots.

shiny rose dust sweater and black dress

Shiny rose dust sweater and black dress2

shiny rose dust Vero Moda sweater and black dress front view

Vero moda sweater and accessorize pendant necklace close up

Jeffrey Campbell boots

shiny rose dust sweater and black dress side view

shiny rose dust sweater and black dress1

What I’m wearing:

Metallic knit jumper by Vero Moda from Asos
Black skater dress from Dorothy Perkins
Pendant necklace from Accessorize
Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots

Do you like metallic items? Let me know what you think!

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