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A Guide for Fashion Shopping Online – part 2

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In this post, I’ll talk about what to do after you’ve made all the preliminary checks discussed in the previous post, or in other words – start shopping!

Size and Fit

measuring tape

As you probably already know from your experience of shopping in “regular” shops, sizes differ from one shop to another, even if they’re officially the same. I usually prefer shopping on sites that either provide a sizing chart with detailed measurements for each size (in CM or inches) or provide specific measurements for each item separately.

Obviously, in order to know your own measures, you’ll need to measure yourself. The areas I suggest measuring are your bust, your waist, your hips and your arms (for sleeve length). A garment that doesn’t fit in any of these areas will probably not look good on you. All you need is a measuring tape, which can be purchased at any local store that offers sewing supplies or a sewing kit.

I suggest measuring yourself with your bra on, assuming you usually wear one, as it might change your bust size. ASOS, for example, offers a really nice size guide on every product page that explains how to measure yourself properly.

However, even after you’ve measured yourself and compared with the item’s measurements, there are some inaccuracies and this is one of the inevitable disadvantages of shopping online. The bright side is that most sites will allow you to return the item, under certain conditions. This will be discussed later in this post.

Delivery time

shippingIf you opted for express delivery, this will probably not be an issue for you. However, if you’re like me and prefer free shipping, the best advice I can give you here is to be patient. I know that once you’ve made the order, you’re just dying to get those new clothes (as you should :) ), but you still have to be realistic. I’ve seen some comments on shopping sites from frustrated customers, and I think you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you read the site’s shipping & delivery information and know what to expect. 5 business days usually means a week at best, and can take up to 10 days, so, at the risk of being redundant – be patient!

It goes without saying that if the delivery is delayed beyond a reasonable period (check the shipping and delivery info before deciding what’s reasonable…), you should definitely contact the site and ask for compensation.


I hope you won’t need this part and that the item(s) you ordered will be exactly as you expected and fit perfectly (I really do!). However, if you find that the item doesn’t fit, looks totally different or even worse – is damaged, most shopping sites will allow you to return the item, under their specific terms and conditions. It is important to check if this option exists, because not all sites allow returns.

It should be noted, that the seller will not compensate you for the shipping cost of sending the item(s) back, at least as far as I know, so this should also be taken into account. If the shipping cost is higher than the item’s cost, it might not be worth it.

To conclude, I hope this small guide has helped make some sense of online shopping. It might sound complicated, but I believe that if you’ll follow these guidelines, you’ll have a much more positive shopping experience.

Have anything to add?  Questions? Drop me a line. :)


A Guide for Fashion Shopping Online – part 1

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Hi all, hope you had a great weekend!

This time I decided to dedicate my post to something a little more handy, and contribute from my experience of online shopping. One of my readers asked me about shopping for clothes on E bay, and I’ve also come across some questions on forums, so I wanted to make a list of tips I believe will be helpful for someone who is considering online shopping.

However, I found out in the process of writing there are a lot of things that need to be considered! So I decided to make this into a small guide and divide it into two separate posts. I hope you’ll find this guide helpful and that it will assist you in enjoying your online shopping experience!

payment method

This is  usually the last step in shopping , but I think it’s one of the most important things when you’re shopping online. I would highly recommend using PayPal or similar payment methods, and not credit cards for the simple reason that it’s more secured. I don’t know any respectable e-commerce site that doesn’t allow to pay through Paypal and setting up an account is really easy!

Shipping and delivery options

This is mainly relevant if you’re making an international order. In this matter there are three things that need to be considered:

A – Does the site offer international shipping?  There’s no bigger disappointment than browsing through the site, choosing your favorite items, adding them to your virtual cart and… finding out that this particular site doesn’t ship to your country. If you live in the US or Europe, most well-known and established sites will ship there, but if you live in a small country in the middle east, like me, it’s not that obvious at all. Also, if you found an online boutique that you really love, but it happens to be based in Australia for example, it might not ship to all countries.

B- What are the shipping costs? If you’re ordering a 20$ skirt and the site charges 30$ for delivery, it might not be worth it for you. This is also worth checking in advance. Costs are dependent on two things –  (obviously) how much you’re willing to spend and how fast do you want it. Usually faster means more expensive. I usually prefer sites that offer free delivery options such as ASOS, SheInside, Romwe and Chicwish.

C- Customs and taxes. Different countries have different laws and regulations regarding international deliveries, and it’s worth finding out with your local customs office before you order. After all, you don’t want to have your parcel stuck in customs or to have to pay a high amount in order to release it. Most, if not all, sites I know will not take responsibility for any delay or failure of delivery due to custom policy.

online shopping

Prioritize or How to choose the best shopping site?

There are many fashion shopping sites available, and choosing between them can be quite confusing. You don’t have to choose just one, but if you’re like me, you’ll prefer shopping on a few that are the best for your needs, than going through a million sites. It’s all a question of what’s the most important to you – unique designs, famous brands, affordable prices, fast shipping, free shipping and so on.
Each site usually has a few advantages, but not all of them. I suggest taking a little time to explore the different sites and see what each of them has to offer, and then decide based on what’s the most important feature(s) for you. You can also use relevant forums or Facebook groups to ask for recommendations. You’ll get better answers if you point out what’s particularly important to you.

If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them!

Stay tuned for part 2…

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