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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Black and white

Hello again, another week has passed and it seems like a couple of days to me…time does seem to fly sometimes.

Anyway, I wanted to share this look that is centered around an oversize tribal pattern sweater I recently purchased. I actually saw it a long time ago, but wasn’t sure about it + it was too expensive, but then I saw it on sheinside for a steal price so I thought it’d be a shame not to get it (right?). :)

I have to say I’m in love with the pattern, and the fabric is really nice and cozy as well. I also love its asymmetric hemline, which makes it kind of drapey in the front. It is a wider fit than I expected, which is the only thing that I don’t like about it. I decided to wear it with basic items, because I think it should stand out on it’s own, so I put together something that reminded me of horse-back riding attire – a simple button-down white top, black studded pants and knee-high boots. I really love the way it all fits together, plus it’s a little wink to the upcoming (or shall I say already present) black and white trend for the spring-summer season.

Black and white tribal pattern sweater

Black and white tribal sweater

Black and white tribal sweater 2

Black and white tribal 4

Tribal pattern

Black and white necklace closeup

black and white tribal sweater 3

What I’m wearing:

Black and Beige Striped Tribal Asymmetric Hem Sweater from Sheinside
Zara white button-down top
Mango black studded pants
Knee high boots from Pull & Bear
Gold and suede necklace

Thank you for reading!


Keep it simple

It’s been a while since my last post, at least in terms of my young blog, and the blame is on hideous exams…

Anyway, I wanted to post this look, which is quite simple (already mentioned I have a soft spot for simplicity) but I love it anyway for the various items in it. Even though together they create almost a basic look, each item is unique in my eyes and very much loved.

Wearing a pleated skirt and Zara jumper

Keep it simple - blue pleated skirt and Zara jumper

Jeffrey Campbell studded ankle boots

Gold necklace close-up

What I’m wearing –

Blue pleated skirt from Ebay
Zara Grey jumper
Gold necklace by Shani Menachem
Jeffrey Campbell studded ankle boots

Hope you had a great valentine’s day and thanks for reading!

Galaxy Gift (thanks Romwe!)

Much like the velvet trend, I was a bit suspicious about galaxy clothing – starting with leggings, and on to tops, skirts and dresses. I think I first saw it on black milk’s site, and then a bigger collection on Romwe. It seemed interesting for sure, but I guess it didn’t appeal to me that much.

About two months ago, towards Christmas, I got an e-mail from Romwe saying they were planning a big promotion for Christmas and that they are offering their loyal customers to post this promotion on their facebook wall, and whoever will get more than a set amount of likes, will win 30$ in freebies and a pair of leggings. Well, it turns out my friends are pretty cheap when it comes to likes, so I didn’t get as much as I wanted… :/ but I got just enough to win a free pair of leggings!
I got them about a week ago, and yes, I have to say I really love them. They’re very colorful and not like any other garment I ever had. I decided to let them stand out on their own (as they naturally do), so I paired them with a simple white blouse and a black jacket.

galaxy leggings, white blouse and black jacket

Bullchic- galaxy leggings and black jacket

galaxy leggings and black jacket1

What am I wearing?

Galaxy leggings from Romwe

White blouse with pockets from Zara

Black Jacket from eBay

Have a great week and thank for reading!

Return of the velvet

I have to admit I was a little suspicious, not to say reluctant, about the recent trend of velvet that seems to be making a big comeback. It reminded me a little of things my sisters used to wear in the early 90s, and not in a good way… However, I then saw some other bloggers’ looks incorporating velvet and I thought it’s worth a try. So I decided to start with something small – a skirt. I think that if it’s in good taste and not over-the-top, combining velvet in your wardrobe can give it an interesting, unusual touch.
I chose to do it with one item at a time, and not drape myself in velvet :) and I think it turned out quite nice.

Wearing my new velvet skirt

velvet skirt and bow sweater from back

velvet skirt & bowsweater on stairs

bow sweater from back

standing on the stairs with velvet skirt

What am I wearing?

Velvet skirt from Awwdore
Bow sweater from a local shop
Owl necklace from local shop

Thanks for reading!

Light sweater for sunny weather

For the past couple of days, it’s been quite stormy and rainy, at least compared to what we’re used to. But just last week, we enjoyed some sunny days, and it was just the kind of weather that’s suitable for a light sweater, like the one I got from Chicwish recently.

me wearing a peach cross-pattern sweater from chicwish

Me wearing my cross print peach sweater and tight black mango pants

Close up photo of the sweater and a gold and suede necklace

Bullchic- Peach cross psttern sweater

What am I wearing?

Cross pattern sweater from Chicwish.

Studded pants from Mango.

Gold & suede necklace, from a local designer.

Armani exchange sunglasses.

I really did start by building this outfit around the sweater. It has kind of a “good girl” vibe to it, but instead of going all the way with that kind of look, I wanted to make it a little more interesting, so I wore it with black studded pants and high-heel boots. The necklace ties everything together, because it’s a classic gold necklace but with a twist, which is its shape and the suede strap incorporated into it.


Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

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